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From Big Data to automated workflows, advanced video analytics for drive-thrus, retail solutions, traffic management and smart cities.

Hendricks Corp is committed to more than just delivering software or service. We are dedicated to our client’s mission and business needs. We adopt your goals and make them our own to drive success for our clients. This personal commitment, combined with our own values, allows Hendricks Corp to offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and intelligent AI and video solutions and services for commercial, government, and private sectors.

With over 20 years of experience, our quality starts with the people providing our solutions. Hendricks Corp’s culture is to take personal pride and consistently strive for excellence in all our endeavours.

Drive Thru

Discover a robust End-to-End drive-thru solution that priortize customer satisfaction.


Explore a comprehensive and expansive VA solution for data-driven actionable insights.

More Industries

Explore our wide range of powerful capabilities with state-of-the-art technology.

Cutting Edge Surveillance Technology

With the rise of real-time and forensic digital video sources, the demand for a technology supporting rapid, efficient, and precise analysis of operational and historical video surveillance data has become paramount.

Current video surveillance analytics platforms struggle to distinguish between targeted moving objects and insignificant natural movements such as running water or rustling leaves. Without the ability to accurately pinpoint true targets due to varying camera angles and frame distortions, the risk of misidentifying stationary objects as moving ones increases.

This is where we step in. Introducing VATES, equipped with Edge-Focused Differencing, empowering users to swiftly detect and communicate disparities in topography and asset/personnel locations. Effortlessly isolating, highlighting, and observing moving objects from any digital video source.

  • Unique video analytic algorithm
  • Built on a service-oriented architecture
  • Leverages the power of existing networks
  • Increased processing speeds
  • Decreased bandwidth utilization
  • Minimize impact to existing network infrastructure
Innovative Data Analytic and Visualisation

Enfusion, exclusive to Hendricks Corp, is an innovative application that seamlessly combines integration, interoperability, and advanced security. This real-time analytics solution acts as a ‘micro cloud’ of intelligence, easily shared across systems and locations. Whether online or standalone, Enfusion quickly merges external video, data, and intelligence sources using a mediated meta-data layer. This enables real or near real-time analysis, manual or automated, with diverse visualization—all in one application.

  • Robust capabilities scalable with mobile devices
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Ability to distribute information to other systems and locations
  • Provides a “micro cloud” of intelligence
  • Real-time analytics
  • Combine integration, interoperability, and extensive security capabilities
  • Server and client side, text, cloud, individual contributor, legacy IT system
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Account Director (Australia)

” Through working with Hendricks, we have experienced a culture of dedication and innovation, delivering solutions to enhance the business of our customers. Hendricks’ strong Video and Data analytics experience provides rapid and accurate development and our partnership with a major global customer, in changing from old technology to Hendricks’ cutting-edge video technology, delivered visibility through intuitive dashboards and improved the experience for their customers. “

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Data & Analytics Practice Lead

After an exhaustive search of over 20 companies, we partnered with Hendricks as it was a perfect fit despite our strict search requirements. Hendrick’s cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms demonstrate the power of data generated to drive insights for the customer. This partnership has made HPE & Hendricks a leader in the Video Analytics space in the South Pac region. “

Singapore Government Agency

Among the respondents for our RFP, Hendricks was the only company that came close to meeting our strict KPIs. The company’s technology was not just accurate, it was both flexible and customisable at the same time, handling complex tasks that no other competitors were able to do. More importantly, the team at Hendricks was highly proactive and hands-on, and they even went the extra mile in identifying and addressing challenges along the way. “

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    From Big Data to automated workflows, advanced video analytics for drive-thrus, retail solutions, traffic management and smart cities.

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