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Drive Thru

Enable real-time, data based decision making at every point in your Drive-thru. Improve speed and quality of service, ensuring loyalty, happiness, retention and the opportunity to serve more customers through the use of AI based Video Analytics.

Reduce customer wait time, avoid bottlenecks and increase the number of customers you serve!

Identify and track your repeat customers, offering them personalised reward programs.

Identify peak hours, days and weeks within a year to better manage workforce to support a smoother customer experience.

Utilise rich customer data and insights gathered throughout the day to make micro and macro decisions.

Understand and track customer order patterns to upsell with the focus of increasing sales and improving customer experience and retention.

By implementing Hendrick’s DriveThru Solution which emphasizes preventive measures and proactive interventions, businesses can achieve significant cost savings and effortlessly maintain their systems and assets.

Cutting-edge AI software revolutionising drive-thru operations through accurate and efficient vehicle detection and identification.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Hendricks Corp. is evolving the drive-thru experience by using accurate and advanced Vehicle Tracking technology and license plate recognition. Fast Food restaurants can delve deeper and gather data to improve the customer experience.

Gas Station

Track Vehicles throughout the gas station journey and accurately understand their dwell time while pumping gas or while shopping. Combined with our state-of-the-art in-store analytics to gather in-depth data to better understand your customers.


Understand customer patterns, and duration times for each customer, such as when they are being given prescriptions or picking up medicines. Gather accurate customer data in-store to manage the workforce and target marketing and promotions.


Detect customers in-line at drive-thru banks for queue management along with sending alerts to employees and tellers when customers arrive in-lane to send canisters or when canisters are sent back.

Click & Collect

Utilize our Video analytics solution in a click & collect environment where customers don’t need to approach staff, Hendricks Corp. will automatically detect the arrival of a customer and send alerts to staff immediately. It is often used in Supermarkets, Alcohol stores or Quick Service restaurants as well.

Expand your options and find the perfect solution for your needs from our list of solutions


Explore a comprehensive and expansive VA solution for data-driven actionable insights.

More Industries

Explore our wide range of powerful capabilities with state-of-the-art technology.

From Big Data to automated workflows, advanced video analytics for drive-thrus, retail solutions, traffic management and smart cities.

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