Energy & Utility

Energy & Utilities

REV: Reform the Energy Vision

Hendricks Corp offers a completely integrated approach to physical security, asset management, and automated workflow. Our customers expect a robust physical security solution for energy companies (oil, natural gas, nuclear, coal, hydro, and wind). A utilities company expects perimeter security, intrusion detection, alarm systems, and notifications to manage breaches, theft and vandals. Like most other businesses, companies in the utilities industry are looking to improve customer satisfaction rates, increase efficiency, and become the leader in conservation efforts.

Intelligent Efficiency

Hendricks Corp is more than a physical security solution for the energy business. Within our physical security and surveillance capabilities, we offer a unique smoke and fire detection capability to protect your assets. Hendricks Corp goes beyond traditional physical security by providing license plate recognition, facial recognition, and the ability to assist with OSHA and safety monitoring. What violations are occurring on your site? Are all employees wearing safety gear and helmets? Our big data experts can also apply predictive analysis to help you use your customer’s energy usage and operational data to optimize your business model.

Leaders in Change Management

As a renewable or standard nonrenewable energy company, Hendricks Corp’s smart solutions can reduce your liability and costs, increase your compliance, protect your people, provide universal connectivity, and uncover new opportunities to increase your profits.

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Revolutionize Customer Service

Understand your utility consumers

Advanced Physical Security

Beyond perimeter and intrusion detection

Financial Innovation

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Reform the Energy Vision

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