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Governments are relied upon to protect and serve, while operating complex programs and services. With the volume of data produced and collected, protection of that data becomes a barrier to efficiency and effectiveness. While serving the public, governments have a continuous mission to improve communication, increase efficiency, and prevent and predict crime, risk, fraud, and abuse. Hendricks Corp’s smart data solutions know how to analyze, process, protect and link information, then direct it to the correct personnel for the creation of actionable information.


Law enforcement agencies, the intelligence community security professionals, and governments simply do not have the manpower to waste on creating real time, actionable intelligence. Because this valuable data becomes a forensic tool to see what happened and how it happened, you need to link information and see risk before the incident. You need intelligent information.

Hendricks Corp knows intelligence. In addition to providing our allegiance and expertise to many law enforcement agencies, Hendricks Corp’s sister company OSI has served other long standing Federal government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. We have longstanding experience managing and developing multiple high-level IT and software development government projects.


Hendricks Corp’s smart solutions scale from a small county, town, or city, to a state or country-sized data fusion solution. The innovation of big data analytics in our solutions improves cross-agency communication, anticipates trends from crime to human traffic, monitors vehicle traffic, and can even monitor weather. Hendricks Corp’s smart solutions are designed and implemented to incorporate traditional data analysis, license plate recognition, facial recognition, and other biometrics. Hendricks Corp’s innovative and versatile solutions maximize your investment by saving you time and money.

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Streamline analysis and identify future problems

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Increase productivity and communication

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