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Video Analytics has a wide range of powerful capabilities and with state-of-the-art technology, a core set of multi-use algorithms and an agile in-house team, Hendricks Corp. has crafted video analytics solutions useful in various scenarios such as those utilized in the energy and utility sector as well as the fast-evolving smart cities industry.

Fire & Smoke

Hendricks Corp. boasts powerful Fire & Smoke detection video analytics capabilities for both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor detection includes understanding and characterizing fire and smoke such as colour and size, even at great distances, while indoor fire detection is used to augment and enhance existing smoke alarms and minimize damage within the vicinity.

Smart Cities

Hendricks Corp. solutions shatter the barriers to achieving a viable solution for your municipality. Scalable in size and cost, our internationally friendly smart solutions can transform your city with enhanced operations, improved safety, increased revenue and savings, and can integrate with your current infrastructure, maximizing your current investment.

Energy & Utility

Hendricks Corp. offers an integrated approach to physical security, asset management and automated workflow. We provide robust physical security solutions for energy companies. We meet utility company expectations for perimeter security, intrusion detection, alarm system and notification, allowing companies to focus on improving their customer experience and become leaders in conservation efforts.

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Drive Thru

Discover a robust End-to-End drive-thru solution that puts your customer satisfaction first.


Explore a comprehensive and expansive VA solution for data-driven actionable insights.

From Big Data to automated workflows, advanced video analytics for drive-thrus, retail solutions, traffic management and smart cities.

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