Share Secure

Today’s business moves fast.  You don’t have time to wait for a fax, receive classified spreadsheets in paper form, or hope that your much-needed software program gets loaded onto everyone’s desktop today.  That’s where Skifguard comes in.

Skifguard is Hendricks Corp’s trademarked system, a secure software application that enables for the upstream and downstream sharing of information, data, and content across security levels and clearances provided in an online, non-downloadable computer software.

Summary of Skifguard Features

With its optimization of uses, this web-based, non-downloadable, and interoperable computer software can make managing your computer network the least of your worries.

  • Provides temporary use of a web-based software application
  • Enables when one or more optional files are needed
  • Suspends the operation of the software application during file retrieval, preventing crashes
  • Protects the software application from unwanted copying
  • Enables quick and easy upload of new software applications to the server

Skifguard Product Details

  • Voice, Video and Data Cross Domain guard
  • Linking of disparate secure networks & data
  • Cross Domain workflow for data redaction

Skifguard Technology Utilization and Compatibility

Data capture, storage, retrieval, access, manipulation, editing, network transmission, streaming, deployment, distribution, conversion, encoding, decoding, and compressing of voice, data, audio-visual and multi-media content, information and images, that also includes mapping and location capabilities, file sharing capabilities and chat rooms.