Travel & Transportation

Cost-effective and Comprehensive

In this digital age, today’s travelers are expecting greater security without sacrificing ease of use. You face the challenges of finding a cost-effective and comprehensive system of monitoring, data collection, and efficient, end-to-end management of your travel or transportation system. Most intelligent transportation system applications deliver limited data monitoring or data analysis capabilities.

360-Degree View

Hendricks Corp is creating a smarter transportation industry: from freight and logistics to public transportation hubs, our smart solutions are designed for your needs. Hendricks Corp does not simply focus on one attribute; we can provide crime prevention, traffic monitoring, crowd control, smoke detection, and environmental safety, just to name a few.

Deliver a Personalized Travel Experience

With predictive analysis, our big data experts can also help you use your customer’s travel habits and operational data to differentiate yourself from the competition, assist with loyalty marketing, and increase revenue and profits.

In real time, in the real world, Hendricks Corp has smart solutions for the transportation industry.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Improve your user’s end-to-end experience

Utilize Traffic and Roadway Monitoring

Predict maintenance and monitor traffic

Improve Safety and Security

Ensure peace of mind to your travelers

Increase Your Revenue

Maximize your assets and leverage operational data

Hendricks Corp’s transportation solution is currently used at one of the world’s busiest airports, identifying potential terror threats, persons of interest, spotting runway debris and monitoring worker safety.