Venue Solutions

Game-Changing Operations

Fans and patrons enter your venue with the expectation of being awed by your services, from venue easy access to instant response upon their slightest demands. From the moment they enter the parking lot to their journey through ticket lines, you are shaping their decision on whether they will become repeat visitors of your stadium or venue. Are you truly responding to the needs of your customer and delivering a great fan experience? Do the technologies you’ve invested in provide that value?

Fully Understand Your Fans

Intimately knowing your customer the moment they enter the venue, from who consumes your sellable goods, to the way a target customer emotionally reacts to your digital advertisements, are all keys to a successfully profitable smart venue. Hendricks Corp can show you how to centralize all of your systems to one platform, increasing revenue, generating new sales, and enhancing your target marketing with a true demographic picture.

Safety is Worth More Than Two Points

Traffic flow, customer lawsuits, fan violence, weather changes, and crowd control: safety and security are standard, recognized challenges for all entertainment venues and stadiums. Left unaddressed for too long, they can damage the confidence of your venue and eat largely into your profitability. Can you afford to ignore all of these concerns, or must you implement a cost-prohibitive solution to address them? Hendricks Corp can show you innovative ways to mitigate these risks all with the historical security technologies you’ve already put into place, saving you both time and money.

Creating the personal experience all fans want to receive with the assets you have already invested, Hendricks Corp is at the forefront of bringing you proven technologies that can provide you the next generation of smart venues.

Fan Satisfaction

Providing a virtual concierge to ensure fan/customer satisfaction

Target marketing segmentation

Visual demographic capture, signage interaction and whitelisting

Venue safety and security

Using your current infrastructure

Point of Sale (POS) interactions

Capturing valuable visitor data